e-Services in Estonia
Task 1. Study the presentation

about e-services and compile a list of e-services that are in use in Estonia. Use the Internet or any other sources you find relevant. Send the list to the teacher.

Task 2. Work in groups.Concentrate on the e-services assigned to you by the teachers and prepare a short presentation on the topic (describe the e-service and list the advantages as well as drawbacks concerning the use of this e-service) using one of the following tools:
1. Toondoo http://koolielu.ee/pg/tools/read/1103 (a tool for creating comics)
2. Spicynodes http://koolielu.ee/pg/tools/read/26918 (a tool for creating mind-maps)
3. Wallwisher http://koolielu.ee/pg/tools/read/29174 (an online notice board)
4. Scriblink http://koolielu.ee/pg/tools/read/1742 (an online whiteboard)
5. Dipity http://koolielu.ee/pg/tools/read/951 (a tool for creating timelines)
Time limit: 30 minutes.